Stop playing with the horn, Lionel.

Holding a musket and staring down danger
17 July
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Holding a musket and staring down danger

Shannon. 28. USA. Current occupation: anxious college student and proud member of the library squad. Was probably a Sailor Scout or a Disney princess in a previous life. Frasier, Seinfeld, and Will and Grace give me life power. Grace Adler is my spirit animal. Don’t stop, never stop the Boy Meets World references. I ship myself with all the Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli things. Protect the ladies at all costs.

Currently really into The 100, The Amazing World of Gumball, anime/manga, Banshee, DC Comics, Elementary, The Originals, Outlander, Penny Dreadful, Person of Interest, Mr. Robot, Regular Show, Sense8, Steven Universe, Supergirl, The Walking Dead, and We Bare Bears. Have bouts of enthusiasm for Adventure Time, Arrow, The Blacklist, cartoons in general, comics/graphic novels in general (DC, Dark Horse, and Marvel in particular), Disney/Pixar, Fear the Walking Dead, The Flash, Game of Thrones, iZombie, The Knick, Legends of Tomorrow, The Magicians, Major Crimes, Masters of Sex, My Mad Fat Diary, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Preacher, Pretty Little Liars, Project Runway, Sanrio/cute Japan things in general, Shameless, and various YA book series. If you want to read a pretty comprehensive list of TV shows I currently watch/used to watch, go here (anime is listed here).

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